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Don’t Move Out. Build Up, Out or Both! We Help Homeowners Throughout Orange and Sullivan Counties Renovate their Houses into Dream Homes

Growing pains: those moments that you realize how tight your living spaces have become or the moments that you cede to the fact that you simply need more room.

The question becomes how to incorporate the existing room to accommodate these growing needs. We can help you with that answer. We can help you open up your current living areas, taking into consideration, your ideas to what might best suit your life and your lifestyle. We offer renovations to existing homes, to help modify those areas, as well as additions to existing structures, to expand your home, meeting the various home, life, living areas that you need.

Whole House Renovations, Additions, and New Construction

Recently several customers have reached out expressing a need for larger space. Some interested in more garage space, others requiring more bedrooms and additional living space, while updating their entire home. We specialize in larger-scale whole house renovations/ additions, as well as new construction and we can handle all of your concerns to make a seamless project.

Give us a call and we can help you start dealing with those growing pains and transition to the next step in your life.