We’re thrilled to have broken ground on our next new commercial project at Pets Alive, Inc. in Middletown, NY. Stay tuned for updates as we share our progress on this exciting new project!

Article Courtesy: Pets Alive News, Spring 2023

We have some big updates to share… 12,000 square feet big! Five years in the making, alongside KLM Architect and Martell Builders, Pets Alive broke ground on its new Community Resource and Adoption Center in November.

Pets Alive’s 50-year-old kennel building served us incredibly well, but a leaking roof, inadequate space, crumbling mason work, and other structural issues are just a few of the reasons that we hired Shelter Planners of America to help us figure out how to improve our kennels and in turn, improve the lives of the animals in our care. The new building will feature heated floors, an expanded adoption area, more intake, quarantine, and medical evaluation space, a community room, 51 dog kennel enclosures, and large garage doors in the kennel area to provide sunlight and fresh air for the dogs.

The construction team has made immense progress during the first five months of work. The day that the walls went up was exhilarating, to say the least! As we watch the steel framework go up, the outline of each kennel door take shape, plumbing and drainage systems installed, and spaces we recognize materialize, our excitement is almost overwhelming. We’ve all been watching in awe as the kennel starts to take shape and we can’t help but envision the building in its completion.

The new building will provide larger, healthier, and safer environments for the dogs as well as our staff, visitors, and volunteers while opening up avenues to expand our community programs that support our local community and neighbors. Simply put, Pets Alive would not be where it is today without the unwavering support of our donors, volunteers, and local community. The sense of camaraderie during a time of change sustains us every day, and we are so grateful to everyone who has supported us over the years.

We’re thrilled to share that $1.5 million has been contributed by Pets Alive donors and a grant from New York State. The total cost of the building and site-work is projected to land between $5-6 million, and your ongoing support helped us raise nearly 30% of the total cost of the project already. As a nonprofit organization, Pets Alive is funded 100% by donations from each and every one of you. We have launched a special fundraising campaign that invites individuals who would like to contribute toward the project with naming opportunities that recognize a wide range of gift levels. Naming opportunities begin at $1,000 and provide an opportunity to support our efforts while recognizing a loved one or companion animal. For more information about our capital fundraising campaign, please contact Robert Lane at development@petsalive.org

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Images courtesy Pets Alive