It should! A new home is a large investment and has the potential to increase in value. But will it be a good investment? Was it built by an experienced professional builder? Were quality materials used? You can see the finished product but what about the thousands of components you can’t see–the pipes, the electrical wire, the heating system, the lumber, the concrete, the “insides” of your home? By including the RWC Warranty protection on your new home, your builder is backing his/her reputation with an extended warranty. Instead of an implied or handshake promise, you have a written insured warranty. If you have a warranted problem, it will be corrected.

Don’t guess! Each builder who provides the RWC Warranty must first meet specific standards for competence and professionalism. The builder is evaluated on Financial stability, technical competence and consumer satisfaction. Builders are rescreened annually to ensure their performance remains consistent with membership standards–assurance your new home was built by a professional.

Make sure! Specific construction standards and inspection guidelines indicate quality is a priority during each phase of construction, not just at the final cosmetic stage.

Ours is 10 years.The RWC coverage on your new home provides the following protection:

1 year warranty on defects in workmanship and materials– warranted call-back items will be corrected by your builder (with insurance backing). 2 year warranty on portions of the home’s major systems– if certain portions of the cooling, heating, ventilating, electrical or plumbing systems do not meet the warranty standards, your builder will correct the defect.

10 year warranty on major structural defects (MSD)–if in the unlikely event your new home develops an MSD (failure of warranted load-bearing parts of your home as specified in the warranty), it is covered by your builder during the first 2 years and by RWC’s insurers in years 3 through 10. Be sure to read your RWC Warranty for specifications as well as definitions and limits of coverage. As with any new home, ongoing maintenance is necessary and is the responsibility of the homeowner.

The RWC written warranty protection defines the gray areas–the “what if this or that happens”. Potential defects are defined including the builder’s obligations. Even with a written warranty, a home owner and builder may not see eye to eye on a specific problem. Fortunately for both, we have included in the warranty a dispute settlement process. A neutral third party can assist in settling a warranty problem. Disputes can be resolved quickly and inexpensively thus avoiding the alternative of costly litigation and long delays.

Yes! What if your builder is unable to meet the warranty commitments? RWC builders have an excel lent record of fulfilling the terms of the warranty. But unforeseen circumstances could happen preventing a builder from meeting his/her obligations. Therefore the RWC Warranty is fully insured and stands behind your builder’s coverage.

The RWC Warranty is an excellent marketing tool if you decide to sell your home during the term of the warranty. The warranty protection is automatically transferred to future owners.

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