Custom Homes Sullivan County Ulster County Orange County NY

Ideally, our home is a reflection of who we are. How we decorate, our color choices, window placement, room layout, sizes and flow all matter. Our home should be a reflection of who we are, what we like and how we spend our time. Let Martell Home Builders build your Custom Home in Sullivan County, Ulster County, or Orange County NY.

At Martell Home Builders, we customize everything, so you really do get the home of your dreams. We’ve built extra large living spaces for people who like to play board games, Wii games and more with their extended families. For crafters and woodworkers, we’ve created separate workshop spaces for these activities.

We’ve built rooms that have been used as studios for musicians, (soundproofed for a drummer!), personal gyms for exercise enthusiasts, playrooms for kids and man caves, used for watching every possible NFL, NHL and MLB game.

We can customize plans with extra closet space, extra wide doorways for wheelchairs, and bathrooms that have lots of room to grow. These days, we get a lot of requests for large open concept kitchens, so the space can multi-task, and be used for cooking, eating and entertaining.

Lately, mother/daughter homes are frequently requested. Call us to set up an appointment to show you inside one of our custom-built mother/daughter homes to give you an idea of how great a Martell Home can be.

At Martell Home Builders, we understand you’re a unique individual.. and you deserve a home as unique as you are. Let us design a home that really custom-fits you and your lifestyle. Just bring us your thoughts and your vision, and together we’ll turn your dreams into reality!