Comparing Modular Versus Stick Built Homes

What are the benefits of modular homes versus stick built homes? Which type of home is right for you?  Since Martell Home Builders constructs both modular and traditional stick built homes, here is a point by point comparison of each type of construction.


Modular: The same as any traditional site-built home. You can add any style of window, door, wall or architectural feature you prefer. Once completed you cannot tell the difference between modular and traditional homes.
Stick Built: The appearance can be customized to the home owners preference. Traditional homes can accommodate any architectural preference.

Floor Plans and Design:

Modular: Modular homes are normally highly customized in their interior and exterior appearances. Full custom modular builders, while rare, offer the ability to design from scratch or accept private architect’s renderings for conversion by the factory to modular.
Stick Built: Most custom builders can provide sample plans they’ve built, offer design services, or direct you to plans. You can also hire an architect to design your home according to your preference. In either case, full customization is standard.


Modular: The normal timeframe is 3.5-4 months for turnkey projects. There are some time savings since construction can begin in the factory at the same time your foundation is being created on your site. The weather has almost no impact on the schedule.
Stick Built: The normal timeframe is 5-6 months for turnkey projects. Since all construction occurs on-site, work projects have to be scheduled more carefully. The work schedule is dependent on weather conditions.

Building Process:

Modular: Assembly-line building, constructed in a  factory. Delivered in sections to the home site.
Stick Built: Built from scratch, so all steps and materials are visible to the new owner. Stick built uses local labor and material suppliers, so this keeps your neighbors working.

Cost Comparison:

Modular & Stick Built: The same cost when comparing “like” materials.

Resale Value:

Modular: Well built, high-quality modular homes retain their value well.
Stick Built: Traditionally, constructed homes held their value better. But that is changing, now that modulars, like Martell Home Builder’s  are of high standards.

Building Codes:

Modular & Stick Built: Modular houses and stick-built meet the same building codes.

The difference with Martell Home Builders is that we do BOTH types of construction and can advise you on what is best for your individual needs and situation. Which is right for you? It depends on these and so many other factors.

Contact Martell Builders for more information, click here or call (845) 856-7951 and we’ll help you make a decision that’s right for you!