10 Year Homeowner Warranty from Martell Home Builders

Protect Your Investment

A new home is a major purchase with potential to increase in value. Will it be a good investment? Was it built by an experienced professional builder? Were quality materials used? You can see the finished product, but what about those components that you can’t see which make up the “structure” of your new home?

Unlike implied promises or deals made by a handshake, the RWC Limited Warranty assures you that your new home is protected with a written warranty. By including the RWC Limited Warranty with your new home, your builder is backing his or her reputation with a written, insured warranty. If you have a warranted problem within the applicable coverage period, it will be corrected by the builder, or RWC will fulfill your builder’s obligations under the warranty.

The RWC Limited Warranty adds value to your new home.

The RWC Limited Warranty is an excellent sales tool. If you decide to sell your home during the term of the warranty, the remaining warranty protection automatically transfers to future owners.

Be Sure You Hire The Best

Every builder who offers the RWC Limited Warranty must first meet stringent criteria. Builders are rescreened annually to ensure their performance remains consistent with membership standards. Builders are evaluated on financial stability, customer satisfaction & technical competence RWC Builders must also comply with specific construction standards in order to have their homes warranted by RWC. If your builder provides the RWC Limited warranty, you can be certain that your home was built by a qualified professional.

Peace of Mind

What if your builder is unable to meet the warranty obligations? Builders in the RWC program have an excellent record of fulfilling the terms of the warranty; but, unforeseen circumstances can prevent a builder from keeping his or her commitments. The RWC Limited Warranty is fully insured, and warranted items will be covered by RWC’s insurers if your builder cannot comply.

For your living enjoyment, insist on a home with the RWC Limited Warranty.

The Warranty

The RWC Limited Warranty provides excellent protection for your new home. The following is a brief overview of the warranty. Be sure to read your warranty book for specific warranty standards, definitions and limits to coverage.

Workmanship & Materials
Year one warrant items that do not meet warranty standards in the first year of the  warranty period, will be corrected by the builder.

Structural Elements
In the unlikely event that your new home develops a warranted structural defect as  defined in your warranty book, the defect will be corrected by the warrantor. RWC offers its warranty services throughout the United States. Some states and regulating agencies have specific criteria relating to the Warranty. These are identified in the Addenda section of the Warranty book.

With any new home, ongoing maintenance is necessary and is the homeowner’s responsibility. Your builder can assist you in understanding how you can take care of your home to avoid problems.

Warranty Resolution
The RWC Limited Warranty defines the gray areas. Standards to determine potential defects, the builder’s obligations, and warranty issue resolution procedures are outlined in your warranty book.

RWC’s proven methods help resolve disputes between builders and homeowners. Even with a written warranty, builders and homeowners may not always see eye to eye. Fortunately for both parties, the RWC Limited Warranty includes an arbitration process to resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively. Enhance your new home purchase by choosing an RWC Builder. You will receive written warranty protection as well as the assurance that your home was built by a qualified professional.

Get the RWC Limited Warranty on your new home. Read more about our 10 year warranty for ask us for details