Full Turn Key Specifications

Full Turn Key Specifications


Lot clearing, brush chipped, log lengths stacked in clean pile, (lot clearing an average 25′ perimeter around home)
Burying of stumps on lot if possible
Building, driveway, and septic permits, – acquired, paid for, and all inspections handled
Use tax / sales tax
75′ Of driveway with stone (crusher run gravel) and walkway to front steps
Culvert (if applicable) (size as per town specifications)
All excavation
Concrete footing with rebar,
8″ x 16″, and 8″ of crushed stone beneath concrete floor
4″ Concrete floor with vapor barrier, wire mesh
4″ Drain tile to daylight or drywell, whichever is applicable
8″ Poured concrete foundation with rebar, 8’0″ tall
Rubber wall water proofing
Solid concrete support columns (Lally Columns)
Clearing and landscaping around home – average of 25′ perimeter around home
Final grade, hay and seeding of all disturbed soil areas (machine grade only), grading done as best as possible with material on site
Well* ($2,000) allotment for well drilling only, maximum 30′ from house
Complete septic system* (standard septics only, – 1,000 gallon tank maximum from house field 75′, tank 25′ – maximum 300 linear feet of drain field) engineered design needed
Pressure treated sill plates (full)
Sill insulation
Electric hook-up, 200 AMP
Set-up and delivery of home
Trim out of home
All specifications on home sheet
Basement stairs and hand rails

Washer, dryer, and range – wiring and plumbing
Power to site by power company (unless otherwise addressed)
Front and rear pressure treated steps and railings
All applicable fire rated sheetrock in basement
Home is to be professionally cleaned
Certificate of Occupancy
Ten year written homeowner warranty, extendible up to thirty years (through Residential Warranty Corporation)
Complete plumbing using Pex water lines, and PVC Schedule 40 waste lines
Well pump
45 Gallon water storage tank
Additional 1 year warranty on door alignments, sheetrock stress cracks, etc.


Appliances (will accommodate if desired)
Removal of stumps from lot (stumps are to be buried on lot)
Blasting, and additional machinery time due to blasting
Removal of rocks over 1 cubic yard
Any additional backfill / landscape material not available on site plus the machine time to install
Any additional driveway sub-material plus the machine time to install
Excessive water, rock, or unforeseen conditions
Concrete pump if needed (poured concrete only)
If an ultra-violet system is needed for water purity, homeowner is responsible for additional cost


A fully engineered and approved building lot
Engineered septic design
Professionally flagged and staked lot
Builders risk insurance policy (homeowner policy)
Please contact Martell Home Builders for more information.

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